Hello Japanese sushi lovers, are you looking for a Sushi Edo menu prices? You have reached your destination then, We have uploaded their complete menu with prices. Prices are obtained directly from the restaurant outlet. Personally I like their kani mayo sushi, chinmi sushi and kappa maki. Below you will find the complete sushi edo menu.

Sushi Edo Menu 2023

Gunkan Sushi
Chinmi SushiS$3.30
Kurage SushiS$3.30
Kani Mayo SushiS$2.70
Corn SushiS$2.70
Tuna SushiS$2.70
Ebiko SushiS$3.30
Tamago SushiS$2.70
Ebi SushiS$4.70
Hotate SushiS$4.70
Unagi SushiS$4.70
Salmon SushiS$3.60
Inari SushiS$1.80
Inari TunaS$3.00
Inari KaniS$3.00
Inari Egg MayoS$3.00
Inari Egg Mayo + Inari KaniS$3.00
Inari Tuna + Inari Egg MayoS$3.00
Inari Tuna + Inari KaniS$3.00
California Maki (5 Pcs)S$4.60
Kani + Tamago Maki (14 Pcs)S$4.80
Kappa + Tamago Maki (14 Pcs)S$4.80
Kani + Kappa Maki (14 Pcs)S$4.80
Tamago Maki (14 Pcs)S$4.80
Kappa Maki (14 Pcs)S$4.80
Kani Maki (14 Pcs)S$4.80
California Hand RollS$2.20
Kani OnigiriS$2.20
Tuna OnigiriS$2.20
Sushi Set AS$15.40
Sushi Set BS$16.60
Sushi Set CS$11.80
Sushi Set DS$16.60
Sushi Set ES$8.20
6 Pcs Aburi Salmon with Mentai SauceS$10.60
6 Pcs Raw Salmon SushiS$7.20
3 Pcs Salmon + 3 Pcs Salmon CheeseS$11.80
6 Pcs Sanshoku Salmon SushiS$11.80
6 Pcs Aburi Salmon + Unagi with Mentai SauceS$13.00
Chuka Chinmi (Scallop skirt)S$6.00
Chuka Kurage (Jellyfish)S$6.00
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