Hello Foodies, are you looking for the latest Hans Singapore menu? You have arrived at the right place. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Prices are taken from the official source of Hans Cafe & Cake Singapore.

Hans Menu 2023 Singapore

Hans Menu can Be Categorized as All Day Breakfast, Main Course, Pasta De Han’s, Local Favourite, Burger, Beverages. Now Let’s See Them In detail One By One.

Han’s Singapore Menu – All Day Breakfast

Breakfast PlatterSGD 14.80
Breakfast Pancake BurgerSGD 12.80
Fried Egg (Sunny Side Up) With BaconSGD 8.50
Fried Egg (Sunny Side Up) With HamSGD 7.20
Fried Egg (Sunny Side Up) With SausageSGD 7.20
Scrambled Egg With BaconSGD 8.50
Scrambled Egg with HamSGD 7.20
Scrambled Egg with SausageSGD 7.20
ClubhouseSGD 9.50
Omelette Served With French Fries & SaladSGD 9.80
Hans Menu Breakfast

Hans Menu Prices – Main Course

Fish & Chips SGD 9.80
Grilled Fish Dory SGD 9.80
Grilled Salmon FilletSGD 17.80
Grilled Pork ChopSGD 13.80
Black Pepper Chicken ChopSGD 13.80
Chicken Chop With Mushroom SauceSGD 13.80
Roasted Half ChickenSGD 16.80
New Zealand Prime Sirloin Steak With Black Pepper SauceSGD 17.80
New Zealand Prime Sirloin Steak With Mushroom SauceSGD 17.80

Hans Singapore – Pasta De Han’s

Spaghetti With HamSGD 10.80
Spaghetti With SausageSGD 10.80
Spaghetti With ChickenSGD 12.50
Bacon CarbonaraSGD 13.50
Carbonara ChipolataSGD 14.50
Creamy Linguine With Chicken & FungiSGD 14.80
Aglio Olio With ChickenSGD 12.50
Aglio olio With BaconSGD 13.50
Aglio Olio With Sirlion of BeefSGD 16.80
Aglio Olio With Chicken & FungiSGD 14.80
Vegetarian Aglio Olio Crispy With Red Onion, Bell Pepper & Crispy ShallotSGD 10.50
Vegetarian Creamy Linguine With FungiSGD 12.50
Vegetarian Aglio Olio With FungiSGD 12.50

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Hans menu fri-yay

Hans Singapore Menu – Local Favourite

Hor Fun / Bee Hoon / Mee with Pork, Prawn & FishSGD 9.80
Beef Hor Fun / Bee Hoon / MeeSGD 10.80
Stir-Fried Hor FunSGD 9.80
Singapore Fried Bee HoonSGD 9.80
Hong Kong Fried NoodleSGD 9.80
Fried Rice with Ham, Prawn & EggSGD 9.80
Chicken Fried Rice with EggSGD 8.80
Silverfish Fried Rice with EggSGD 8.80
Bacon Fried Rice with EggSGD 10.80
Stir-fried Chicken with Young GingerSGD 9.80
Stir-fried Beef with Bell PepperSGD 10.80
Stir-fried Salmon with Bell PepperSGD 10.80
Sweet & Sour SGD 9.80
Sweet & Sour Prawn SGD 10.80
Vegetarian Hor Fun / Bee Hoon / MeeSGD 8.80
Vegetarian Fried Rice with EggSGD 8.80
Hainanese Pork ChopSGD 10.00
Chicken CurrySGD 9.50
Braised Pork BellySGD 11.80
Herbal ChickenSGD 11.80

Hans Cafe – Burger Menu with Price

Beef Cheeseburger with Egg SGD 6.50
Chicken Cheeseburger with Egg SGD 6.50
Beef Superburger with Egg SGD 9.80
Chicken Superburger with Egg SGD 9.80

Hans Cafe & Cake Menu – Hot Beverages

Kopi SiSGD 2.00
Kopi OSGD 2.00
Teh OSGD 2.00
Teh SiSGD 2.00
Lemon TeaSGD 2.OO
Yin YangSGD 2.30
MiloSGD 2,30
Premium Green TeaSGD 2,30

Hans Singapore Menu – Iced Beverages

Kopi SiSGD 2.00
Kopi OSGD 2.00
Teh OSGD 2.00
Teh SiSGD 2.00
Lemon TeaSGD 2.00
Yin YangSGD 2.30
MiloSGD 2.30
Orange JuiceSGD 2.30
Coke/ Coke light/ Sprite/ 100 Plus/ Root beerSGD 2.30
Heaven & Earth Green TeaSGD 2.30
RibenaSGD 2.80
CoconutSGD 2.90
EvianSGD 3.10


hans singapore menu sharing platter

Is Hans Siganpore Halal?

Yes, The Hans Singapore Is Halal Certified

All the Images & Prices Are Taken From The Following Official Sources of Hans Singapore

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