Hello foodies, are you looking for the latest belestier bak kit teh Singapore Menu? you have reached your destination then , as we have uploaded the latest belestier bak kit teh menu with updated prices. All prices are sourced directly from the restaurants outlet. Below is the complete belestier bak kit teh menu.

Balestier Bak Kut Teh Menu Singapore 2022

Menu Price
The Balestier Treasures
Bring home the treasures along Balestier Road S$13.80
Balestier Personal Treasures S$13.80
Pot of Oinks
Golden Oinks S$25.00
XoXo Oinks Dry BKT S$25.00
Haha Oinks S$16.80
Bak Kut Teh S$13.30
Spare Ribs Soup S$9.30
Homemade Meatball Soup S$8.30
Classic Bak Kut Teh S$9.30
Red Glutinous Wine Chicken S$8.30
Tenderloin Soup S$9.30
Pig’s Kidney Soup S$8.30
Pig’s Liver Soup S$8.30
Pig’s Stomach Soup S$8.30
Braised Trotters S$10.30
Braised Big Intestines S$8.30
Braised Pork Belly S$10.30
Prawn Rolls S$16.00
Fried Youtiao with Cuttlefish Paste S$13.00
Salted Vegetables S$4.30
Braised Egg S$1.30
Braised Peanuts S$4.30
Braised Bean Curd S$4.30
Braised Bean Curd Skin S$4.30
Braised Pork Skin S$4.30
You Tiao S$1.30
Rice S$1.30
Porridge S$1.00
Kuey Tiao Kia S$2.70
Mee Sua Soup S$2.70
Fried Rice & Noodles
1966 Pork Ribs Noodles 1966 (Soup) S$7.00
Pig’s Liver Mee Sua S$7.00
Ang Zhao Mee Sua S$7.00
Hokkien Mee (Black) S$7.50
Seafood Hor Fun S$7.50
Black Bean Beef Hor Fun S$7.50
Fried Hor Fun S$7.50
Fried Rice S$7.50
Fried Bee Hoon S$7.50
Fried Mee Sua S$7.50
Mee Goreng S$7.50
Sliced Fish Bee Hoon Soup S$8.00
Trotters Bee Hoon S$10.00
Tang O Soup S$5.30
Enoki Mushroom Soup S$5.30
Xiao Bai Cai S$6.30
Beansprouts S$6.30
Broccoli with Scallops S$18.00
Brinjal with Salted Fish S$15.00
Mixed Vegetables S$12.00
Chinese Chive S$10.00
Baby Kai Lan S$10.00
Sambal Kangkong S$10.00
Fragrant La La S$18.00
Fried Man Tou S$8.00
Curry Fish Head S$35.00
Seafood Delights S$28.00
Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish Rice S$18.00
Thai Style Sliced Fish S$18.00
Ginger & Onion Sliced Fish S$18.00
Dried Chili Frog S$18.00
Ginger & Onion Frog S$18.00
Salted Egg Squid S$22.00
Sambal Squid S$22.00
Thai Style Squid S$22.00
Salted Egg Prawns S$25.00
Cereal Prawns S$25.00
Pork & Beef
Sweet & Sour Pork S$15.00
Creamy Salted Egg Pork S$15.00
Claypot Pig’s Liver S$15.00
Black Pepper Beef S$18.00
Ginger & Onion Beef S$18.00
Spicy Mala Chicken S$18.00
Prawn Paste Fried Chicken S$15.00
Dried Chilli Chicken S$15.00
Thai Style Chicken S$15.00
Lemon Chicken S$15.00
Cereal Chicke S$15.00
Salted Egg Chicken S$18.00
Bean Curd
Spicy Mapo Bean Curd S$13.00
Thai Style Bean Curd S$13.00
Cai Xiang Bean Curd S$13.00
Oyster Omelette S$13.00
Prawn Omelette S$13.00
Onion Omelette S$10.00
Preserved Radish Omelette S$10.00
Disposable Tea Set S$3.00
Homemade Barley S$2.20
Iced Lemon Tea S$2.20
Lime Juice S$2.20
Coke S$2.20
Coke Zero S$2.20
Ayataka Green Tea S$2.20
Jasmine Green Tea S$2.20
Oolong Tea S$2.20
Bottled Water S$2.20
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