hello food fans, are you looking for the twenty Grammes menu prices? you have arrived at the right place then, as we have uploaded the complete menu with updated price list. Prices are sourced from twenty Grammes outlet.

Personally, I like their King smoked duck salad, peanut butter Walnut banana toast, and molten lava cake with ice cream. Below is the complete twenty Grammes menu 2023.

Twenty Grammes Singapore Menu

Twenty Grammes menu can be categorised as Mains. Lets see them in detail one by one.


Carrot CakeSGD 5.00
Cacao Barry ChocolateSGD 4.50
Peanut ButterSGD 4.50
Salted CaramelSGD 4.50
Truffle ChipsSGD 9.90
Mentaiko ChipsSGD 9.90
Peanut Butter Walnut Banana ToastSGD 8.00
Truffle ChipsSGD 9.90
Crunchy AlmondSGD 8.50
Pistachio CranberrySGD 8.50
Rolled Oat WalnutSGD 8.50
Original FinancierSGD 10.00
Rose Pistachio FinancierSGD 13.00
Original Coated with Valrhona Chocolate FinancierSGD 13.00
Smores WaffleSGD 15.00
Ham & CheeseSGD 12.50
Truffle Turkey Ham WaffleSGD 14.00
Sassy FellowSGD 12.90
Brown Butter MandySGD 15.00
Isabelle WaffleSGD 16.50
PB&J WaffleSGD 15.00
Milo DinosaurSGD 15.00
Lychee Green TeaSGD 5.50
Strawberry Green TeaSGD 5.90
Matcha LatteSGD 6.00
White Coffee Cold BrewSGD 6.50
Valrhona ChocolateSGD 7.00
Twenty Grammes menu

Here is the link to the official website of restaurant : Twenty Grammes

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