Hello foodies, are you looking for wonder juice menu prices? You have reached your destination then, as we have uploaded their complete menu with prices. Prices are sourced from their outlet. Other than fresh juices, they also offer fresh cut fruits which is always a healthy option to eat. Below you will find the complete wonder juice Singapore menu.

Wonder juice menu Singapore

Wonder Juice is one of the best juice bars in Singapore. Below is its complete menu with price.

Sliced Fruits
Watermelon 200gS$1.50
Papaya 200gS$1.50
Orange 1 EachS$1.50
Red Apple 1 EachS$1.50
Green Apple 1 EachS$1.50
Pineapple 150gS$1.50
Honeydew 150gS$1.50
Kiwi 1 EachS$2.00
Pear 150gS$2.00
Grapefruit 1 EachS$2.50
Rock Melon 150gS$2.50
Red Dragon Fruit 150gS$2.50
Guava 150gS$2.50
Fruit Cup 1 CupS$4.50
Smoothie / Milkshakes
Avocado MilkshakeS$6.00
Avocado ChocolateS$6.00
Avocado BeetrootS$6.00
Avocado PineappleS$6.00
Avocado BananaS$6.00
Avocado LemonS$6.50
Avocado CoffeeS$6.50
Avocado MiloS$6.50
Avocado SpinachS$6.50
Avocado MangoS$6.50
Avocado SoursopS$6.50
Avocado CarrotS$6.50
Mango SmoothieS$5.00
Mango MilkshakeS$6.00
Mango BananaS$6.00
Mango StrawberryS$6.00
Mango Papaya SmoothieS$6.00
Mango Soursop SmoothieS$6.00
Soursop WatermelonS$6.00
Soursop Red Dragon FruitS$6.00
Soursop KiwiS$6.00
Soursop StrawberryS$6.00
Soursop Sour PlumS$6.00
Banana OrangeS$6.00
Cold Pressed Juices
Apple Beetroot CarrotS$6.50
Celery Cucumber PineappleS$6.50
Celery Apple PineappleS$6.50
Celery Apple Bitter GourdS$6.50
Passion Fruit OrangeS$6.50
Passion Fruit AppleS$6.50
Apple LemonS$6.00
Pineapple Bitter GourdS$6.00
Celery AppleS$6.00
Carrot OrangeS$6.00
Pineapple OrangeS$6.00
Grape Fruit PineappleS$6.00
Grape Fruit OrangeS$6.00
Water Melon PearS$6.00
Water Melon PineappleS$6.00
Pear Star FruitS$6.00
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