Hello Nasi Goreng lovers, are you looking for the latest Srisun Express Menu Prices? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with prices. Prices are taken from the official sources of Srisun Express Singapore.

Srisun Express Menu 2023

Srisun Express Singapore menu can be categorized as Uttapam, Thosai, Chapati, Prata, Nasi, Mee, Srisun Specials, Roti John, & Biryani. Lets see them in detail.

Plain UttapamS$3.90
Onion UttapamS$5.00
Cheese UttapamS$5.00
Vegetable UttapamS$5.80
Mushroom Uttapam.S$5.20
Egg UttapamS$4.50
Egg Cheese UttapamS$5.80
Egg Onion UttapamS$5.80
Plain ThosaiS$3.20
Paper ThosaiS$5.80
Onion ThosaiS$3.90
Butter ThosaiS$4.50
Ghee ThosaiS$5.20
Ghee Roasted ThosaiS$6.50
Chocolate ThosaiS$5.00
Cheese ThosaiS$5.00
Mushroom ThosaiS$5.00
Masala ThosaiS$5.00
Egg ThosaiS$4.50
Double Egg ThosaiS$5.20
Egg Onion ThosaiS$4.90
Egg Cheese ThosaiS$5.80
Egg Mushroom ThosaiS$5.80
Mushroom Cheese ThosaiS$7.10
Egg Masala ThosaiS$5.80
Paper Masala ThosaiS$7.10
Onion Masala ThosaiS$5.80
Butter Masala thosaiS$6.50
Ghee Masala ThosaiS$6.50
Cheese Masala ThosaiS$7.10
Mushroom Masala ThosaiS$7.10
Egg Onion Masala ThosaiS$7.10
Egg Butter Masala ThosaiS$7.10
Egg Ghee Masala ThosaiS$7.10
Egg Cheese Masala ThosaiS$7.80
Egg Mushroom Masala ThosaiS$7.80
Pyramid ThosaiS$7.80
Poori Set MealS$5.00
Poori Set Meal with SardineS$9.00
Poori Set Meal with ChickenS$9.70
Poori Set Meal with MuttonS$10.40
Chapatti with SambarS$5.20
Chapatti with SardineS$9.00
Chapatti with MuttonS$10.40
Chapatti with ChickenS$10.40
Plain PrataS$1.80
Onion PrataS$2.70
Egg PrataS$3.20
Double Egg PrataS$4.00
Plaster PrataS$4.00
Egg Onion PrataS$4.00
Egg Chilli PrataS$4.00
Egg Cheese PrataS$5.20
Egg Garlic Cheese PrataS$5.20
Egg Garlic PrataS$4.20
Egg Onion Chilli PrataS$5.40
Egg Onion Cheese PrataS$7.50
Mushroom PrataS$5.40
Mushroom Egg PrataS$6.80
Egg Onion Cheese Mushroom PrataS$9.20
Kothu Prata EggS$11.50
Kothu Prata ChickenS$15.20
Kothu Prata MuttonS$15.20
Banana PrataS$6.50
Banana & Cheese PrataS$8.50
Butter PrataS$4.20
Butter Cheese PrataS$6.80
Cheese PrataS$5.90
Cheese & Onion PrataS$6.80
Cheese & Honey PrataS$7.10
Cheese & Mushroom PrataS$7.40
Cheese Hot Dog PrataS$7.80
Coin Prata ChickenS$13.50
Coin Prata MuttonS$15.00
Coin Prata SardineS$15.20
Garlic PrataS$6.70
Hot Dog PrataS$8.80
Kaya PrataS$6.70
Kaya with Cheese PrataS$8.80
Mango PrataS$7.60
Masala PrataS$10.10
Milo PrataS$10.10
Prata BomS$13.50
Prata Bom with CheeseS$10.90
Prata Bom with MilkS$10.10
Tissue PrataS$8.40
Tissue Prata with CheeseS$8.40
Tissue Prata ChocolateS$7.80
Tissue Prata MilkS$7.80
Tissue Prata Salted CaramelS$9.10
Tissue Prata ButterscotchS$9.10
Sweet Treats
Plain Paper PrataS$6.50
Banana Paper PrataS$8.40
Banana Ice-cream Paper PrataS$13.00
Banana & Honey PrataS$6.10
Chocolate Paper PrataS$7.80
Chocolate Ice-Cream Paper PrataS$12.30
Chocolate & Banana PrataS$7.10
Nutella PrataS$6.50
Milky Paper PrataS$7.10
Milky Ice-cream Paper PrataS$11.70
Honey Paper PrataS$7.80
Ice-cream Paper PrataS$12.30
Honeymoon PrataS$13.00
Sugar Rush PrataS$13.00
Sticky Toffee PrataS$13.00
Chicken SatayS$13.00
Mutton SatayS$13.00
Ketupat SatayS$1.50
Nasi GorengS$7.10
Nasi Goreng AyamS$9.70
Nasi Goreng DagingS$9.70
Nasi Goreng PattayaS$8.40
Nasi Goreng Pattaya Ayam ChickenS$11.00
Nasi Goreng Pattaya Daging MuttonS$11.00
Nasi Goreng Ikan BilisS$9.00
Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis PattayaS$10.00
Nasi Goreng KampungS$9.70
Nasi Goreng SardineS$9.70
Nasi Ayam
Nasi AyamS$18.00
Nasi AyamS$5.80
Nasi Ayam TambahS$8.00
Nasi Ayam PenyetS$9.70
Maggi Curry SoupS$6.50
Maggi GorengS$7.00
Maggi Goreng Ayam ChickenS$9.70
Maggi Goreng Mutton DagingS$9.70
Mee GorengS$7.10
Mee Goreng Ayam ChickenS$9.70
Mee Goreng Mutton DagingS$9.70
Kuey Teow GorengS$7.10
Kuey Teow Goreng Ayam ChickenS$9.70
Kuey Teow Goreng Mutton DagingS$9.70
Bee Hoon Goreng ChickenS$7.10
Bee Hoon Goreng Putih DagingS$7.10
Bee Hoon Goreng Putih Ikan BilisS$9.00
Bee Hoon Goreng AyamS$9.70
Bee Hoon Goreng MuttonS$9.70
Pattaya MeeS$8.40
Pattaya Bee Hoon MuttonS$8.40
Pattaya Kuey Teow ChickenS$8.40
Pattaya MaggiS$8.40
Pattaya Daging MuttonS$11.00
Pattaya Ayam ChickenS$11.00
Srisun Specials
Nasi Goreng SpecialS$12.00
Mee Goreng SpecialS$12.00
Kuey Teow Goreng SpecialS$12.00
Bee Hoon Goreng SpecialS$12.00
Maggi Goreng SpecialS$12.00
Nasi Goreng Tarik SpecialS$12.00
Mee Goreng Tarik SpecialS$12.00
Kuey Teow Goreng Tarik SpecialS$12.00
Bee Hoon Goreng Tarik SpecialS$12.00
Maggi Goreng Tarik SpecialS$12.00
Chicken BriyaniS$11.00
Fish BriyaniS$11.00
Mutton BriyaniS$13.00
Vegetable BriyaniS$9.00
Roti John
Plain Roti JohnS$5.80
Roti John MuttonS$8.40
Roti John Mutton with CheeseS$9.70
Roti John with ChickenS$8.40
Roti John Chicken with CheeseS$9.70
Roti John SardineS$8.40
Roti John Sardine with CheeseS$9.70

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Srisun Express Singapore Serves Halal Certified Food

Srisun Express Outlets & Delivery Locations

Srisun Express has four outlets across Singapore.

56 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555952

Tel: +65 6282 2325

407, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
#01 – 743, Singapore 560407

132 Bukit Batok West Ave 6,
Blk 132, Singapore 650132

Tel: +65 6250 5960

Blk 474 Tampines St 43
#01-118 Singapore 520474

Tel: +65 6288 5747

Here is the link to their official Website : Srisun Express Singapore

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