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Hello Korean pizza lovers, are you looking for the latest pizza maru menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures and updated prices. Prices are taken from the official sources of pizza maru Singapore.

Pizza Maru Menu 2023

Pizza maru Singapore menu can be categorized as Chicago Pizza, Premium Pizza, Classic Pizza, Korean Fried Chicken, Boneless Fried Chicken, Pasta, Toppokki, Risotto, Soup, Salad, & Drinks. Let’s see them in detail one by one.

Pizza Maru Chicago Pizza Menu

CHP01. Real Chicago 오리지날 시카고 피자 (Regular 10″)SGD 33.40
CHP02. Real BBQ Chicago 리얼 BBQ 시카고 피자 (Regular 10″) SGD 33.40
Flaming Chicken Chicago 리얼 핫 치킨 시카고 피자 (Regular 10″)SGD 33.40
CHP04. ‘HI STEAK’ Chicago 스테이크 시카고 피자 (Regular 10″)SGD 37.40

Pizza Maru Premium Pizza Prices

Cheesy Maru Oppa 몽빼르 피자 (Large 12″) SGD 27.40
Cheesy Maru Oppa 몽빼르 피자 (Regular 9″) SGD 22.40
Seoul Bay 시푸드 베이 피자 (Large 12″) SGD 29.40
Seoul Bay 시푸드 베이 피자 (Regular 9″)SGD 24.40
Garlicky BBQ Pizza 갈릭 치킨 BBQ 피자 (Large 12″) SGD 27.40
Garlicky BBQ Pizza 갈릭 치킨 BBQ 피자 (Regular 9″) SGD 22.40
Hawaiian Gongju 하와이안 쉬림프 피자 (Large 12″) SGD 26.40
Hawaiian Gongju 하와이안 쉬림프 피자 (Regular 9″)SGD 21.40
Gangnam Cowboy 스테이크 불갈비 피자 (Large 12″)SGD 27.40
Gangnam Cowboy 스테이크 불갈비 피자 (Regular 9″)SGD 22.40
Mango Ocean 시푸드 망고 오션 피자 (Large 12″) SGD 31.40
Mango Ocean 시푸드 망고 오션 피자 (Regular 9″) SGD 26.40
Korean Surf’n Turf 맵신 피자 (Regular 9″) SGD 26.40
Korean Surf’n Turf 맵신 피자 (Large 12″) SGD 31.40

Pizza Maru Menu – Classic Pizza

Pepperoni 페퍼로니 피자 (Regular 9″)SGD 19.40
Pepperoni 페퍼로니 피자 (Large 12″)SGD 24.40
Margherita 마르게리타 피자 (Regular 9″)SGD 18.40
Margherita 마르게리타 피자 (Large 12″)SGD 23.40
Bulgogi 불고기 피자 (Regular 9″)SGD 19.40
Bulgogi 불고기 피자 (Large 12″)SGD 24.40
Originals 치즈 피자 (Regular 9″)SGD 17.40
Originals 치즈 피자 (Large 12″)SGD 22.40
pizza maru menu

Pizza Maru Korean Fried Chicken Menu

Garlic Dak Gangjeong 마늘 닭 강정 (5pcs Full Wings)SGD 20.40
Original Fry 크리스피 치킨 (5pcs Full Wings)SGD 18.40
Supa Hot Dak Gangjeong 매운강정치킨 (5pcs Full Wings)SGD 20.40
Honey Butter Coat 허니 버터 치킨 (5pcs Full Wings)SGD 20.40
Onion Tartar 양파 치킨 (5pcs Full Wings)SGD 20.40
Honey Garlic Gangjeong 허니 갈릭 강정 치킨 (5pcs Full Wings)SGD 20.40
Truffle Parmesan 파마산 송로버섯 치킨 (5pcs Full Wings)SGD 22.40
Two is BETTER than one! 하나 보다는 둘이 좋다! (10pcs)SGD 35.90

Pizza Maru Boneless Fried Chicken Menu Price

Fried Chicken Original 오리지널 순살치킨 (12pcs)SGD 19.40
Truffle Parmesan Fried Chicken 송로버섯 순살치킨 (12pcs)SGD 22.40
FC03. Garlic Dak Gangjeong Fried Chicken 마늘강정 순살치킨 (12pcs) SGD 21.40
Soy Garlic Fried Chicken 마늘강정 순살치킨 (12pcs)SGD 21.40
pizza maru Singapore menu

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Pizza Maru Pasta Menu

Daeyang PastaSGD 18.40
Maru Japchae Pasta SGD 16.40
Rose Shrimp PastaSGD 20.40
Classic Cream PastaSGD 16.40

Pizza Maru Singapore Toppokki & Risotto

Carbonara ToppokkiSGD 16.40
Spicy Seafood ToppokkiSGD 18.40
Mushroom RisottoSGD 15.40
Spicy Chicken RisottoSGD 16.40

Pizza Maru Soups, Salads, & Beverages Menu

Cream of MushroomSGD 8.40
Honey Yuzu Garden GreensSGD 12.40
A&W Root Beer CanSGD 3.15
Coke/Coke LightSGD 3.15
Iced Lemon TeaSGD 3.15
Bottled WaterSGD 1.60

Is Pizza Maru Singapore Halal?

No, They have not applied for Halal certification yet.

All the images & prices are taken from the following official sources of Pizza Maru Singapore.

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