Hello foodies. Are you looking for the nagara thai menu prices? You have reached at the right page then. We have uploaded their full menu with updated prices. Prices are sourced from the Nagara Thai official sources.

Fishcake 4 PcsS$6.00
Spring Rolls 6 PcsS$9.50
Prawn Cake 4 PcsS$17.00
Thai Egg SaladS$8.50
Yum WoonsenS$8.50
Beef with Thai Lime & Chilli SauceS$15.0
Seafood SaladS$8.50
Chicken with Thai Lime & Chilli SauceS$8.50
Tom Yum Nam SaiS$9.00
Tom Yum Nam KumS$9.00
Tom KaS$9.00
Bean Curd & Vermicelli SoupS$9.00
Stir-fried Kang Kong Thai StyleS$9.00
Stir-fried Mixed VegetablesS$9.00
Stir-fried Kai Lan with MushroomsS$9.00
Stir-fried Kai Lan with Salted FishS$10.00
Green CurryS$11.50
Red CurryS$11.50
Yellow CurryS$11.50
Stir-fried Minced Chicken with Thai Hot BasilS$9.00
Deep-fried Chicken with GarlicS$9.00
Stir-fried Minced Beef with Thai Hot BasilS$11.50
Stir-fried Beef with Oyster SauceS$11.50
Stir-fried Beef with GarlicS$11.50
Stir-fried Black Pepper BeefS$11.50
Stir-fried Mixed Seafood with Thai Hot BasilS$15.00
Stir-fried Clams with Sweet Basil LeavesS$15.00
Stir-fried Squid with Thai Hot BasilS$15.00
Stir-fried Squid with Yellow Curry PowderS$15.00
Deep-fried Squid with Thai Chilli SauceS$15.00
Steamed Squid with Lime & ChiliS$23.00
Oatmeal PrawnsS$18.00
Stir-fried Prawn with Yellow Curry PowderS$18.00
Deep-fried Prawns with Thai ChilliS$18.00
Deep-fried Prawns with GarlicS$18.00
Deep-fried Prawns with Sweet & Sour SauceS$18.00
Deep-fried Prawns with Thai Style Salted EggS$20.00
Deep-fried Prawns with Tamarind SauceS$20.00
Pineapple Fried RiceS$9.00
Black Olive Fried Rice with Minced ChickenS$9.00
Egg Fried Rice with Sunny Side UpS$9.00
Tom Yum Fried RiceS$9.50
Honey Chicken RiceS$9.00
Basil Chicken RiceS$9.00
Basil Beef RiceS$11.50
Basil Seafood RiceS$11.50
Fragrant White RiceS$11.50
Railroad Fried Rice with SeafoodS$9.50
Railroad Fried Rice with ChickenS$9.50
Railroad Fried Rice with BeefS$9.50
Basil Squid RiceS$11.50
Kuey Teow SoupS$9.00
Tom Yum NoodleS$9.00
Thai Style Fried Tang HoonS$9.00
Thai Style Fried Bee HoonS$9.00
Phad Thai Tang HoonS$9.00
Phad Thai NoodleS$9.00
Thai Style Fried Maggi MeeS$9.00
Red RubyS$4.50
Fanta RedS$3.00
Homemade Thai Iced Red Milk TeaS$4.00
Homemade Thai Iced Green Milk teaS$4.00
Homemade Thai Iced LemongrassS$4.00
Thai Fresh CoconutS$6.00

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