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Hello foodies, are you looking for some baked food. Bakerdoo is for you then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Prices are taken from the official sources of Bakerdoo Singapore

Bakerdoo Menu Singapore 2023

Bakerdoo Bundles Menu

6 pieces of breaded bun with 2 cups of hot milk teaSGD 16.00
Breakfast setSGD 8.00
Dozen breaded buns with 4 cups of milk tea SGD 30.00
Dozen breaded bunsSGD 22.00
bakerdoo bundles

Here is the link to their official Facebook Page : Bakerdoo Singapore

Bakerdoo Signature Breaded Buns

Sambal Ikan BilisSGD 12.00
Beef RendangSGD 12.00
Cheese BunsSGD 12.00
Red BeanSGD 12.00
bakerdoo signature breaded buns menu

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Bakerdoo Favorites Menu With Prices

Taho BegedilSGD 12.00
Breakfast setSGD 8.00
Dozen breaded buns with 4 cups of milk teaSGD 30.00
6 Pcs breaded buns with 2 cups of milk teaSGD 16.00

bakerdoo favorites

Bakerdoo Promotions Menu

Bakerdoo Promotions menu

Bakerdoo Beverages

Tea, sugar, and milk cooked to perfectio
SGD 2.00
Black CoffeeSGD 2.00
Sparkling juice
SGD 5.20
Hot ChocolateSGD 3.80
Bakerdoo Milk TeaSGD 2.80
White CoffeeSGD 3.80
Cafe LatteSGD 3.80
A strong cup of coffee with steamed milk, foam and of course coffee
SGD 3.80
Thinking to put on an all-nighter! Espresso is the way.
SGD 3.80

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Bakerdoo Serves Halal Certified Food

Bakerdoo is Muslim owned restaurant. They serve Halal certified menu


Here is the link to their official Website : Bakerdoo

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