Hello Japanese food lovers, are you looking for the latest ichikokudo ramen menu prices? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with updated prices. Prices are taken from the official resources of ichikokudo ramen.

SG’s favorite items of ichikokudo ramen menu are.

  • ICHIKOKUDO Ramen (Extra Rich)
    • Extra rich ICHIKOKUDO ramen with a deep, flavorful and concentrated broth from simmering chicken bones and strong bonito flavors. Topping: Chicken chashu, flavored egg, seasoned bamboo shoots, woodear mushroom, aosa seaweed and chopped green onion
  • Sapporo Beef Miso Ramen
    • Sukiyaki-style beef slices, hokkaido butter, corn, seasoned bamboo shoots, stir-fried vegetables, dried seaweed, diced onion & chopped green onion
  • Hokkai Jigoku Orochon Ramen
    • Diced chicken chashu, stir-fried vegetables, wood ear mushroom, shredded white leek, dry chilli. Served with thick noodles.
  • HOKKAI Hotate Ramen
    • 3 shell-on scallops, Hokkaido butter, corn, seasoned bamboo shoots, aosa seaweed and shredded white leek

Ichikokudo Ramen Menu 2023

Ichikokudo Ramen noodles. chicken chashu , egg, Menu
Ichikokudo Ramen beef, egg, chicken chashu, chips, Menu
Ichikokudo Ramen thin noodles, chicken chashu, Menu

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Ichikokudo Ramen hokkaido butter, jewels of the sea Menu
Ichikokudo Ramen beef , chicken, chashu Menu
Ichikokudo Ramen chicken chashu, Menu
Ichikokudo Ramen rice , egg, vegetables, Menu
Ichikokudo Ramen rice, egg, chicken cutlet, vegetables, Menu
Ichikokudo Ramen grilled gyoza, bbq, hokkaido butter, Menu
Ichikokudo Ramen karaage , hokkaido butter clams Menu
Ichikokudo Ramen milk , iced green tea, drink Menu

Ichikokudo Ramen is a certified Halal Restaurant


Here is the official website of the restaurant: Ichikokudo Ramen

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