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Central Hong Kong Cafe Menu 2023

Wonton SoupS$8.56
Prawn Dumpling SoupS$9.10
Chive Vegie in Fish SoupS$9.63
Lettuce & Mushroom SoupS$9.63
Hong Kong VegetableS$9.10
Butter Toast with Condensed MilkS$2.68
Toast with Peanut ButterS$3.21
French ToastS$5.35
Kaya French ToastS$5.89
French Toast with Peanut ButterS$5.89
Thick Toast with Peanut Butter Condensed MilkS$5.35
Macau Pork Chop BurgerS$8.03
Golden Chocolate French ToastS$6.42
Hong Kong style Fried Beef Hor FunS$11.66
Braised Beef Brisket NoodleS$8.56
Hong Kong Wanton NoodleS$7.49
Prawn Dumpling NoodleS$8.03
Hong Kong Fish Four Treasures Soup Noodle SoupS$8.03
Superior Soya Sauce Chicken Thigh Noodle DryS$8.56
Hong Kong Curry Beef Brisket on RiceS$11.66
Hong Kong Chicken Pork Curry on RiceS$10.59
Signature 4 Treasure RiceS$8.56
Chicken Chop in Tomato GravyS$10.59
Pork Chop in Tomato GravyS$10.59
Standard Rickshaw NoodleS$8.03
Jumbo Rickshaw NoodleS$10.49
Fried Egg & Luncheon Meat Instant NoodleS$6.96
Satay Beef Instant NoodleS$8.03
Chicken Chop with Stewed Egg Instant NoodleS$8.03
Pork Chop with Stewed Egg Instant NoodleS$8.03
Fried Chicken Chop with Ginger Instant NoodleS$8.56
Fried Pork Chop with Ginger Instant NoodleS$8.56
Fried Instant Noodle with Luncheon Meat & EggsS$8.56
Superior Soya Sauce Cuttlefish & Fish Cake NoodleS$8.03
Beef Slice & Beef Ball in Tomato Soup La MianS$10.59
Mala Stewed Beef Brisket La MianS$10.59
Seafood with Stewed Egg La MianS$10.59
Mala Big Prawn & Scallop La MianS$10.59
Korean Style Spicy Beef with Fried Egg La MianS$10.59
Mala Fish Slice VermicelliS$9.52
Seafood with Egg Fried Hor FunS$11.66
Braised Beef with Black Beans Hor FunS$11.66
Fried La Mian with SeafoodS$11.66
Japanese Style Fried La Mian with BeefS$11.66
Fried Ee Fu NoodleS$10.59
Signature Soya Sauce Chicken Thigh Rice PlateS$9.52
Hong Kong SausageS$9.52
Smoke Duck, Luncheon Meat & Fried Egg Rice PlateS$9.52
Sauteed Fish SliceS$10.59
Stir-fried Fish Slice with Bitter Gourd Rice PlateS$10.59
Fried Egg & Tomato with Fish Slice Rice PlateS$10.59
Stir-fried Beef with Tomato Gravy & Fried Egg Rice PlateS$10.59
Mushroom Vegie & Fried Egg on RiceS$10.59
Pan-fried Fuyong Egg Omelette on RiceS$9.52
Prawn Scramble Eggs on RiceS$9.52
Fried Rice with Hong Kong Sausages & YamS$10.59
Fried Rice with Three Style Eggs & Silver FishS$10.59
Fried Rice wit Seafood Food in XO SauceS$10.59
Fried Rice with Salted Fish & Egg with GingerS$10.59
Fried Rice with Bacon Egg & Luncheon MeatS$9.52
Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken ChopS$12.73
Cheese Baked Rice with Pork ChopS$12.73
Cheese Baked Rice with SeafoodS$13.80
Garlic & Salted fish on Cod Fish Cheese Baked RiceS$17.01
Hong Kong Style Rice RollsS$6.31
Deep-fried Big IntestineS$9.52
Deep-fried Calamari Hong Kong StyleS$8.45
Swiss Chicken WingsS$9.52
Thousand Layer Tofu with Pork FlossS$8.45
Crispy Beancurd SkinS$6.31
Fried WontonS$8.45
Deep-fried Crispy Chicken WingsS$9.52
Deep-fried Garlic Chicken BitsS$8.45
Fried Fish CakeS$6.42
French Fries BasketS$5.35
Mixed GrillS$17.01
Fish & ChipsS$13.80
Original BeancurdS$4.28
Grass JellyS$5.89
Pomelo Mango CreamS$4.82
Chilled Longan & Aloe VeraS$5.89
Yin YangS$3.75
Stocking Milk TeaS$3.75
Milk Tea with Gula MelakaS$3.75
Almond Milk TeaS$3.75
Ginger Milk TeaS$3.75
Almond MilkS$3.75
Soya MilkS$3.75
Soya Milk with Gula MelakaS$3.75
Tea with LemonS$3.75
Lemon WaterS$3.21
Honey with Salted LemonS$3.75
Honey with LemonS$3.75
Coke Boiled with GingerS$3.75
Coke with Lemon IcedS$4.82
Coke with Lemon & Salted LemonS$4.82
7 Up with Salted LemonS$4.82
Fresh lime with Plum JuiceS$4.82
Lime Boiled with Yellow Rock SugarS$4.07
Gingger Tea with Red DatesS$4.07
Iced Red Dates Longan Tea with PearlsS$5.24
Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juice
Watermelon JuiceS$4.82
Orange JuiceS$4.82
Apple JuiceS$4.82

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