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Old Hong Kong Kitchen Menu 2023

Dim Sum Menu with Prices

Roasted DuckS$21.19
BBQ Pork with Honey SauceS$20.12
Roasted PorkS$20.12
BBQ Meat Platter 2 TypesS$30.82
BBQ Meat Platter 3 TypesS$39.80
BBQ Meat Platter 4 TypesS$51.15


Braised Beancurd and Angled Luffa with Crab Meat and Egg WhiteS$28.48
Braised Homemade Beancurd with Scallop and Wild MushroomS$25.47
Braised Beancurd with Mushroom and VegetableS$23.30
Steamed Beancurd with Scallop & Prawn in Garlic & Black Bean SauceS$28.48
Deep-fried Beancurd with Minced Pork and Seasonal BeansS$22.26
Stewed Diced Beancurd with Minced Pork in Spicy SauceS$22.26


Baked Bo Lo Bun with Barbecued PorkS$6.42
Steamed Barbecued Pork BunS$6.21
Steamed Egg Yolk Custard BunS$7.28
Egg TartsS$7.28
Deep-fried Rice Fish “Thai Style”S$12.63
Steam Tripe with Ginger and Spring OnionsS$7.28
Braised Beancurd Skin Roll in Fish SoupS$10.36
Bowl Rice with Chicken Claw and Spare Rib in Black Bean SauceS$8.35
Chilled Chicken FeetS$11.55
Beancurd with Special SauceS$10.49
Bowl Rice with Mushroom Chinese Sausage and ChickenS$8.35
Bowl Rice with Minced Pork and Salted FishS$8.35
Dim Sum in the CageS$31.89
Prosperous Dumplings PlatterS$9.42
Deep-fried Shredded Smoked Duck Breast Spring RollS$7.28
Steamed Northern Meat Dumpling with Vinegar and Chilli SauceS$8.35
Steamed Shrimp and Pork DumplingS$6.63
Steamed Spare Rib with Black Bean SauceS$6.74
Steamed Chicken Claw with Black Bean SauceS$6.74
Deep-fried Shrimp Dumpling in Superior SoupS$7.28
Deep-fried Prawn DumplingS$6.63
Deep-fried Chive DumplingS$6.21

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Shark Bone Cartilage

Boiled Fish Maw and Angel Luffas with Minced MeatS$35.10
Boiled Pig’s Liver and Chicken with Ginger and WineS$30.82
Boiled Prawn and Cucumber with Minced MeatS$35.10
Boiled Scallop and Bean curd Skin with Seasonal VegetableS$35.10
Boiled Handmade Squid Paste with HK CabbageS$25.47
Boiled Beancurd Skin with Fresh Mushroom and ConpoyS$23.33
Spinach with Shredded Fish Maw and Dried ShrimpS$25.47


Cripsy Roasted Peking DuckS$42.59
Fried Rice with Sliced Duck MeatS$17.98
Sliced Duck with E- Fu noodleS$17.98


Deep-fried Black Sesame Pancake Per personS$10.49
Chilled Aloe Vera with Refreshing Calamansi Jelly Cold, per personS$9.18
Chilled Mango Puree with Sago Cold, per personS$7.28
Chilled Herbal JellyS$6.21
Sweet Red Bean Cream with Lotus Seed HotS$6.21
Black Sesame Glutinous Dumpling with Grated Peanut HotS$5.14
Longevity Peach Bun 3 PcsS$6.21


Lime Honey JasmineS$5.14
Blackcurrant Lemon JasmineS$5.56
Tiger BeerS$7.28
Guinness Stout CanS$7.28
Hot Fresh Lemon TeaS$4.49
Hot Fresh Lemon WaterS$4.07
Hot Fresh Lemon HoneyS$4.07
Lemon CokeS$5.14
Free Mix ColdS$6.85
Coke LightS$2.68
Soda WaterS$4.49
Cold Milk TeaS$4.07
Cold Fresh Lemon TeaS$4.07
Cold Fresh Lemon WaterS$4.07
Cold Fresh Lemon HoneyS$4.07

Old Hong Kong Kitchen Serves Non Halal Menu


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