Hello Korean food lovers, are you looking for the latest Menbolah Menu Prices? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Prices are taken from the official sources of Menbolah Singapore.

Menbolah Menu Singapore 2023

menbolah menu
Egg Mayo With Turkey Bacon FTSGD 9.25
Ham & Cheese With Hash Brown FTSGD 9.50
Original Chicken Cutlet FTSGD 9.85
Nacho Cheese Chicken Cutlet FTSGD 10.05
Mentaiko Chicken Cutlet FTSGD 10.35
Beef Bulgogi FTSGD 11.15
Original Prawn FTSGD 12.30
Garlic Toasts
Egg Mayo With Turkey Bacon GTS$9.86
Ham & Cheese With Hash Brown GTS$10.03
Original Chicken Cutlet GTS$10.37
Nacho Cheese Chicken Cutlet GTS$10.63
Mentaiko Chicken Cutlet GTS$10.79
Beef Bulgogi GTS$11.64
Original Prawn GTS$12.83
Menbo Bites
Strawberry Cream Cheese MochiS$14.28
Original MenboshaS$17.00
Garlic MenboshaS$17.00
Mentaiko MenboshaS$18.53
Trio BoxS$18.53
Variety Boxes
Variety Box AS$15.64
Variety Box BS$16.23
French FriesS$3.23
Onion RingS$3.65
Nacho Cheese FriesS$5.87
Mentaiko FriesS$5.87
Spicy MayoS$2.21
Nacho CheeseS$2.21
Mentai MayoS$2.21
Sweet ChilliS$2.21
Green TeaS$2.89
Root BeerS$2.89
Mineral WaterS$2.21
Coke ZeroS$3.31
Yakult Red TeaS$5.87
Yakult LemonadeS$5.87
Sour Plum FizzS$5.87
Passion Fruit FizzS$5.87
Root Beer FloatS$5.87
Coke FloatS$5.87

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