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Hello food lovers, are you looking for the IL Fiore Restaurant Restaurant menu prices? your search is over here then, as we have uploaded their latest menu with updated prices. Prices are taken from the restaurant outlet. We have also added their promotion packages and special occasion deals.

IL Fiore Important Notice

IL Fiore Restaurant Menu

Truffle Mushrooms SoupS$12.00
Spicy Seafood SoupS$13.00
Walnuts and Blue Cheese SaladS$16.00
Homemade Caesar’s SaladS$16.00
Pasta and Lasagne
Rigatoni Four CheeseS$20.00
Linguine CarbonaraS$20.00
Penne with Homemade BologneseS$20.00
Spaghetti Aglio OlioS$20.00
Rigatoni Crab MeatS$25.00
Liguine Japanese Asari ClamsS$22.00
Spaghetti Scallops, Prawns and ClamsS$25.00
Canadian Pork CollarS$26.00
Grilled Chicken ThighS$25.00
Grilled Cod FishS$38.00
Baked BarramundiS$32.00
Aus Grass Fed Tenderloin SteakS$45.00
Pizza 9″
Truffle MushroomsS$23.00
Bacon and RocketS$21.00
Four CheeseS$21.00
Asian Delights
Signature Seafood Bee HoonS$17.00
Pork Knuckle Bee HoonS$17.00
Cod Fish Bee Hoon SoupS$19.00
Sliced Tenderloin Beef Hor FunS$20.00
Cod Fish and Broccoli Hor FunS$20.00
Sliced Tenderloin Beef Kway TiaoS$20.00
Seafood Kway TiaoS$17.00
Famous Hokkien MeeS$18.00
Seafood Mee GorengS$17.00
Spicy Seafood Shirataki NoodleS$20.00
Hong Kong Noodle SoupS$18.00
Spicy Hong Kong Noodle DryS$17.00
Fragrant Prawn Fried RiceS$17.00
Pork Belly Fried RiceS$17.00
Australian Tenderloin Beef Fried RiceS$22.00
Dungeon OyakodonS$21.00
Grilled Chicken Chop Fried RiceS$20.00
Light Bites
Truffle FriesS$18.00
Luncheon Meat FriesS$11.00
Dungeon Spicy DrumletsS$16.00
IL Fiore WingsS$15.00
Fried Pork BellyS$16.00
Homemade CalamariS$16.00
Australia Tenderloin Beef CubesS$30.00
Mini Vegetarian Spring RollsS$10.00
Homemade Cod Fish FingerrsS$19.00
Muar OtahS$14.00
Dungeon’s Oysters Omelette with CocklesS$20.00
Prawn and Meat DumplingsS$16.00
Ngo Hiang CubesS$18.00
Japanese Asari ClamsS$20.00
Grilled Seafood GyozaS$16.00
Top ShellS$15.00
Sliced German SausageS$16.00
Fried Chicken CutletS$18.00
Grilled Shiitake and Shimeiji MushroomsS$14.00
Cheese CakeS$14.00

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IL Fiore Alcohol Menu
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